We Know APIs, Inside and Out

ModelSolv™ has the experience, specialized knowledge, and independent perspective to provide strategic advisory services in API design, lifecycle governance, and API management solution architecture.

We are enterprise IT veterans, with complementary expertise in modeling languages, data integration, business process management, and enterprise architecture.  Our industry experience includes top-tier financial services IT, manufacturing, software consulting, commercial software providers (large and small), and open source software communities.

The ModelSolv team has the proven capability to deliver enterprise applications, independently or in close collaboration with your internal development teams.

ModelSolv brings a unique vision for enterprise API management, using semantically rich, business-aligned canonical data models as the foundation.  We provide an accelerated program for data-integrated service architecture, tailored for your organization.


Are you considering an API management solution for your organization?

The market is crowded with commercial and open source software for API management.  You may also have some internally developed assets to consider as an alternative, or as part of a comprehensive solution.

ModelSolv can help:

  • Understand the range of functionality and the product sub-categories under the API management umbrella.
  • Elicit key requirements and use cases.  Identify technical, organizational, time and budget constraints.
  • Develop a target architecture to describe the API management solution that makes sense for your needs, in your IT environment.
  • Determine gating requirements and weighted evaluation criteria for vendor products.
  • Evaluate options, and help your organization arrive at an optimal strategy.

REST, in its common forms, has become de facto standard for internet APIs.

Most organizations are somewhere on the REST adoption curve for internally developed services; but most are struggling with some difficult questions and decisions. ModelSolv brings deep insights and practical experience to the REST conversation.

We’ll work with your team to:

  • Educate stakeholders and influential technologists on REST as an architectural style, its practical (and sometimes impractical) application in an enterprise context, and its relationship to SOA and other well known reference points.
  • Assess the risks and opportunities of REST adoption at the appropriate level: individual projects, designated organizational units or enterprise-wide.
  • Evaluate and advise on supporting technologies for RESTful API design, code binding, documentation, testing and lifecycle management.
  • Develop a comprehensive program for integration and deployment of supporting technologies, developer training, migration and operational oversight.

Compliance: The Data Integration Imperative

Regulatory compliance is a huge challenge for large organizations with multiple lines of business and divergent representations of data. Where data and API governance aim to define a long-term strategy to better align data representations, compliance requirements are immediate. We can help your organization to meet the urgent demand for regulatory reporting and compliance, with an eye toward the future.

Together with data stewards and subject matter experts in your company, we can help:

  • Understand regulatory requirements and related standard data representation formats.
  • Survey existing internal assets, including master data management catalogs, data dictionaries, database and message schemas, and informal documentation.
  • Plan and implement a data compatibility analysis, to categorize structural and semantic mismatch between existing data and required formats.
  • Evaluate and advise on data integration strategies including ETL, ELT, enterprise information integration (EII), and complex data transformation.
  • Work side-by-side with your team to ensure successful execution of the data integration strategy.

SOA doesn’t work without an explicit focus on data.

The first wave of Service-Oriented Architecture was regarded by many companies as a failure. There were many reasons for this. In our experience, chief among these was the tendency of SOA methods and tools to focus on functional decomposition: services as verbs. This is inherently flawed.

Successful enterprise architectures, governance programs and APIs organize around nouns and verbs; data and operations. This is where governance comes in, and where the professional services team at ModelSolv is uniquely positioned to help:

  • Understand the complementary roles of governance and collaboration to achieve convergence in data definitions.
  • Move beyond single-purpose modeling and define a ubiquitous language that extends to database schemas, message formats, and code.
  • Formally define the variations that allow standards to be adapted across technology and organizational boundaries.
  • Optimize flexibility and control in your governance model with the right processes, tools and methods.
  • Learn how REST can coexist with operation-oriented service definitions in a unified governance framework.

We’re Model-Driven.

Under the umbrella of API management, there are multiple moving parts: service API repositories, design facilities, lifecycle management, integration tools, developer portals, and operational management systems. Chances are, the optimal API management solution for your organization will involve some combination of off-the-shelf, open source, and internally developed software.

While API management should help you integrate your systems, who’s going to help integrate your API management platform? API management tools speak primarily in models, and the ModelSolv team has extensive hands-on experience in this area. Our expertise includes:

  • Application, customization, and substantial contribution to Eclipse modeling technologies including EMF, GMF, UML2, Papyrus, XText, Acceleo and others.
  • Advanced design and interchange of XML schemas, WSDL and WADL contracts.
  • Advanced UML programming and model interchange, including definition, application and interpretation of UML profiles with IBM® Rational® Software Architect and Sparx Enterprise Architect.
  • Entity-Relationship models, including CA ERwin® interchange format.
  • Financial messaging standards including XBRL®, FpML®, FIX® and ISO-20022
  • Development of Model Hub™, the first true model synchronization engine.
  • Successful track record of extending and integrating with proprietary and open source enterprise software, including API management, API governance and data integration platforms.

A Great Solution is More than the Sum of its Parts.

We’ve built our careers and reputations implementing enterprise software solutions that addressed an unmet need. Enterprise API management and semantic data integration are emerging technologies, where ModelSolv can bring specialized knowledge and independent perspective to your development strategy.

More importantly, as seasoned enterprise developers, architects and product managers, we live in this space full-time. Crafting excellent software requires a cohesive solution architecture synthesized from domain knowledge, requirements analysis, functional design, UX design, technical architecture, disciplined implementation, and a development roadmap aligned with business priorities. True agility means that we don’t practice these as isolated exercises; we integrate them, and they inform each other in the context of an iterative, adaptive and collaborative team process.

Other reasons to work with ModelSolv on custom enterprise solutions:

  • Proven capability to deliver high-quality, forward-thinking enterprise applications.
  • A collaborative engagement model that emphasizes transparency. We push the envelope with behavior-driven development and specification by example to provide a clear line of sight, from specification through implementation and testing.
  • ModelSolv is the clear choice for strategic API-First initiatives. If the success of your software program depends on API quality, usability and developer adoption, ModelSolv delivers superior results.