About ModelSolv

ModelSolv was founded in 2010 with the goal of redefining API management in the enterprise and other complex ecosystems. We have experienced first-hand the effects of interface mismatch. And we have seen new integration paradigms introducing more complexity, without addressing the core challenges of integration. We’re making it our mission to tame this beast.

  • We have diverse backgrounds and skill sets, having worked in top-tier financial services IT, manufacturing, software consulting, commercial software providers (both large and small), and open source software communities.
  • We are enterprise IT veterans, with complementary expertise in modeling languages, data integration, business process management, and enterprise architecture.
  • We are dedicated to the pursuit of deep integrity in software.
  • We are defining a unique vision for service API management, building an innovative solution that leverages the full power of semantically rich, business-aligned canonical models.

Core Team

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Ted EpsteinCEO
Ted Epstein, founder and CEO of ModelSolv, has over 20 years of experience in commercial software development, ranging from off-the-shelf software products to internal and customer-facing applications in top-tier financial services. Ted began working on model-oriented solutions for API design and large-scale software integration in 2006. In 2010, Ted left his position at Morgan Stanley to found ModelSolv, a company dedicated to providing innovative technologies and solutions in enterprise API management.
Tanya Fesenko
Tanya FesenkoSoftware Developer
Tanya Fesenko has been developing software in Java for 10 years, specializing in Eclipse technologies. Tanya is a committer on the Eclipse open source projects UML2Tools and Papyrus. Tanya has also worked on commercial products including Borland Together Control Center, and has worked in public sector research projects at CEA, in collaboration with sponsoring enterprises in the aerospace and energy industries. At ModelSolv, Tanya has been a principal architect and lead developer on both Model Hub and RepreZen.


Christian Damus
Christian DamusSoftware Development Consultant
Christian Damus is an independent software development consultant, specializing in model-driven development with Eclipse technology, which has been a passion for the last ten years. One of the most sought-after contributors to the Eclipse ecosystem, Christian is widely recognized for his high-quality output, timely delivery, and friendly and engaging manner. He also happens to be a capable singer, performing sacred and secular works for choir and tenor solo from the renaissance to today. If you are presenting vocal music in Ottawa, eastern Ontario, or west Québec, Christian can be your tenor.
Andrey Sobolev
Andrey SobolevSoftware Engineer
Andrey Sobolev is a software engineer working with ModelSolv through Xored Software. Andrey was one of the initial project creators of the Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit, where he contributed to the core DLTK framework and full-featured IDE’s for TCL, Ruby, and JavaScript. Andrey also worked on F4, a Fantom IDE based on the DLTK. At Xored Software, Andrey created the prototype and core technologies of Q7, an Eclipse UI Testing tool.